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Palo Alto ADU

Palo Alto, CA

Converted from an existing garage, Randolph Popp Architect worked with the owner to design an Accessory Dwelling Unit she could live in full-time, creating an income stream by renting the primary residence. With a grown daughter who visits often, the requirement for a flexible 2-bedroom plan drove the design. Large pocket doors open to allow the bedroom spaces to be combined when the Owner is alone but easily close to create separate individual bedrooms when desired. A cathedral ceiling and multiple skylights fill the main space with light all throughout the day and allow the moonlight to trickle in at night. Drawing inspiration from favorite travel destinations and childhood memories, selected finishes evoke the French Countryside and ocean color.

The existing garage was a legally permitted non-conforming structure and while regulations allowed for retention of the minimal setback on one side,  a sliver of the roof and walls needed to be maintained to achieve that. The result became a pocket in the primary bedroom where the bed sits with the remainder of the building benefiting from increased ceiling height and volume.

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